How to use an ATA Carnet:

The ATA Carnet comprises a front and back cover within which are counterfoils and vouchers for each country to be visited or transited. The vouchers act as receipts for entry and re-export in foreign countries and are kept by foreign customs officials. The counterfoils are stamped by the foreign customs and act as the carnet holders receipt.

Covering pages

  • These pages contains all information about goods, users, issuing data, guaranteeing associations and notes on the usage.
  • They are kept in the Carnet at all times.
  • Counterfoils

    Counterfoils are used as evidences in case of duties and taxes are claimed in a later stage, it is therefore important to have the counterfoils properly stamped by Customs and kept properly in the Carnet. Based on colours, there are 3 types of counterfoils: exportation/re-importation (yellow), importation/re-exportation (white), transit (blue).


    They are used as Customs declaration and guarantee, meaning they will be detached from the carnet and kept by Customs. There are five types of vouchers: yellow exportation voucher, yellow re-importation voucher, white importation voucher, white re-exportation voucher, and blue transit voucher. Each voucher is followed by the general list of goods.